“Spiritual Misfit: a memoir of uneasy faith” Book Giveaway!

Today I’m honored to host the lovely Michelle DeRusha whose book “Spiritual Misfit: a memoir of uneasy faith” releases today. We are publisher-sisters. Her book and mine are both published by Convergent Books. Michelle is offering three copies of her book to my readers. To enter, please leave a comment. Much love, EE.   : Continue Reading »

Christians don’t abandon 10,000 children (unless we’re standing up for our beliefs?)

I wept on the phone today with Rich Stearns, President of World Vision USA. I just couldn’t contain my grief any longer. As soon as Rich told us that 10,000+ children had lost their sponsorships in the course of a week–that in ONE DAY! they’d lost as many as 2,200 sponsorships–well, I broke down crying Continue Reading »

The SUPA-glam life of a writer {waitressing, carpools & FOR THE LOVE, CAN WE QUIT WITH THE CUTE, MATCH-Y SOCKS ALREADY?}

I have SEVEN–yeah, S-E-V-E-N–carpool pickup and drop-off times today. Five kids, three different schools not to mention trips to and from the dance studio. You know, JUST YOUR AVERAGE DAY. Did I mention I also waitress two nights a week? Oh, yes, I pour a mean bottle of Greek wine. Would you like hummus with Continue Reading »