Best of EE 2014

The False, Glittering Promise of Christian Conferences But as my Post-Conference Crash sets in, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve swallowed a false promise. I mean, I didn’t really KNOW the people I fell in love with. I only FELT like I did because THE MUSIC. Everyone agreeing that the Holy Spirit was really Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas from EE to You! (and please sign my International Christmas Card!)

Since I can’t send each of you a Christmas card, I decided to post a virtual one here! Merry Christmas! Thank you for the time you’ve spent reading my words this year. Thank you for all the wonderful emails, comments and messages throughout 2014. With best wishes for a happy, peaceful and beautiful holiday season, EE & Continue Reading »

My twins are seven.

My twins are turning 7 this week which means I’m turning 85 because there is nothing like having twins to warp-speed the aging process. I used to think of myself as one of those sprightly, energetic, fashionable moms who did crafts with her children everyday. These days I’m more like a withered old crone dragging Continue Reading »

Why the Immaculate Conception makes Protestants squirm {and why it doesn’t have to!}

On December 8, Catholics celebrate The Immaculate Conception. I wrote this post last year and thought it might be helpful to repost it this year. xo. EE. When I was a Protestant and heard Catholics talking about the “Immaculate Conception,” I assumed they were referring to how Jesus was conceived. You know, without sex. I assumed Continue Reading »

10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Better (for me) Than Facebook; aka “Blog’s Not Dead and Neither is my Blogging!”

Awwww, thanks friends for all your feedback on my “Is Blogging Dead?” post. I really appreciated it. Here’s what I learned from you: People like reading blogs precisely BECAUSE a blog ISN’T Facebook. Blogs provide anonymity for commenters who want to weigh in on topics while protecting their privacy. A blog is a better medium for good writing—and Continue Reading »

Is blogging dead?

I’ve heard rumors that blogging is dying. Some of my favorite bloggers are shuttering their blogs. Others are taking long breaks. The other day my 13 year old son announced that YouTube and podcasts and Instagram are where The Internet Is Happening Now. That got me thinking: why am I still blogging? And is blogging dead? I started my Continue Reading »